Those Classy Hunters

by Montaina La Favette

Ernie Phillipswith huge buck

Ernie Phillips with a huge buck

Did you ever go into a hunting camp? 
When men were drying their socks
 around a fire and the wood is to damp
 Mice come and go in flocks

Gun rag in the pancake batter
Tobacco juice all over the floor
Don’t Misjudge it don’t seem to matter
Their just to tired to spit out the door

They set in the light of a globe-less lamp
And sip some whisky or gin
To gaze at their whiskers
You’d think they were tramps

They sleep with their neckties
My what a sin

Out on the runways
in the cold they stand

Till their noses are red as a beet
Then we hear then exclaim, ain’t nature Grand

When some wet frozen comrade the meet

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