Stevens Family

Archie Stevens married Jamima Wilson, one of Bill Wilson’s daughters. Archie worked in the lumbering camps. He took a piece of land on Aldrich Rd. Jamima died leaving a young family, Stella age 10, Hazel 8, Allen 6, Ira 4, and Thelma 2. Stella took care of her brothers and sisters until she married Peter Curley.

Ira told us that his dad was a good provider and a great cook. He made pies and cakes and could cook and bake just about everything. He was a kind man. After working in the woods all day, splitting his own wood and doing chores, he would walk down to a needy family, taking them prepared food and see to it that they had wood for the night.

Stella married Peter Curley. Lived in Monroe. Their children were, Vern, Sybil, Grant, Henry, Tom, Maude, and Beverly.

Hazel married George Imlay. Lived in Detroit. Two children, Julia and Darrell.

Allen married Helen, a girl from Illinois. No children, worked for the Packard Co. in Detroit till it closed.

Ira never married. Also worked for Packards till the plant closed. Retired here on the old McDermott place. Loves trout fishing and rabbit hunting.

Thelma married William O’Meara. They had two sons. Franklin killed in an accident. Robert and his wife Dorothy, lives on the old Stevens homestead.

Jamima Stevens had several sisters in this area, Elizabeth (Mrs. Eno) and Josana (Mrs. George Bielby)

Interview with Ira Stevens


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