Spencer Family

Ira G. Spencer, b. December 8, 1792 in Spencer Town, Columbia, New York, d. Richmond, Macomb County, Michigan.  His father was Samuel B. Spencer and his mother was Olive Casey.  He was married to Sally Earl, b. October 8, 1799 in Washington, Pennsylvania, d. April 8, 1866 in Richmond, Macomb County, Michigan.  They had several children:

  • George B. Spencer, b. October 27, 1827 in New York, d. October 20, 1902 in Marion. Charlevoix County, Michigan.  He was married to Hannah Dagert in 1856.  They had ten children:
    • William Ephraim Spencer, b.


Wesley Redmond, C. W. Montgomery, Orra Spencer
Will Spencer, Bessie Redmond Bell, Clara Montgomery, Earl Prophet Spencer (Adopted)

  • Orra G. Spencer Sr., b. 1863, d. 1927. Orra and Sarah Spencer had five children. 
    • Rosetta Spencer, b. Aug 30, 1858, d. Oct 16, 1933. She was married to John W. Redmond.  There were no children from this union.
    • Olive E. Spencer , d. April 11, 1902. She was married to Hugh Curley.  She is buried in the Curtisville Cemetery.
    • Orra Spencer Jr., b. 1863, d. 1927. He was married to Margaret Halley.  She died on May 16, 1885.  They had one daughter:
      • Bessie Spencer, b. May 16, 1885.
    • Ira Spencer.
    • Albert Henderson Spencer, b. Aug 2, 1866, d. September 21, 1957.  Married Francis Eliza Jane Redmond in Curtisville, Michigan on January 1, 1889.  They has four children:
      • Pearl Spencer, b. September 4, 1891, d. 1962.  She was married to George Brodie.
      • Raymond Spencer, b. Novmber 9, 1875.  He was married to Mamie Angel Sutherland.
      • John Spencer
      • Alonzo Theodore Spencer, b. May 16, 1904

      His second wife was Lillian C. Schreib

    Orra G. Spencer operated a blacksmith shop.

  • Harace H. Spencer, b. Jun 17, 1822 in Trumbell County, Ohio, d. Aug 31, 1897 in St. Clair County, Michigan.
  • Polly Jane Spencer, b. February 23, 1824, d. August 9, 1850
  • John Earl Spencer, b. January 10, 1826 in Washinaw County, Michigan, d. May 320 1897 in Memphis, Macomb County, Michigan.
  • Olive W. Spencer, b. February 1, 1830 in Ohio.
  • Alexander Spencer, March 5, 1832

Dr Alexander 02

Dr. Alexander Spencer

  • William V. Spencer, b. August 3, 1836  in Ohio
  • Erza Spencer, b. March 14, 1836 in Ohio
  • Elizabeth Spencer,
  • Unknown

Sheldon Spencer, b. Aug 26, 1908, d. Aug 6, 1978

Lillian Spencer, b. Aug 12, 1887, d. May 18, 1972

Albert Henderson Spencer

Albert Henderson Spencer

Albert and Lilliam Spencer 50th Wedding Anniversary

Albert & Lillian Spencer - 50th Wedding Anniversary

Albert Spencer, b. Aug 2, 1866, d. Sep 21, 1957. In 1916, Albert Spencer own 120 acres located in N 1/2, SW 1/4 and SE 1/4, NW 1/4, Section 8, T25N - R5E, Curtis TownshipHe was married Frances Redmond. They had four children:

  • Pearl Spencer, b. September 4, 1891, died in 1962.  She was only four years younger than Lillian, her step-mother, and was a great help to mother but it wasn’t long before she was married to George Brodie and they had five children:
    • Floyd Spencer
    • Bert Spencer
    • Margaret Spencer
    • Lloyd Spencer
    • Hazel Spencer
  • Raymond Spencer, b. Oct or Nov 9, 1875, Ray married a Mamie Angel Sutherland and they had two children: 
    • Raymond Spencer Jr.
    • Shirley Spencer

    Then Ray and Mamie were divorced and he married Clara O’Conner who was born in 1900 and died in 1962,  They had several children:

    • Louis Spencer
    • Otis Spencer
    • Otto Spencer
    • Phillip O’Conner Spencer
    • Baby that died
    • Sybil Spencer, married Galin Copeland
    • Margret Deena Specer
    • Carmen Specer
  • Dan Albert Spencer (whom we called “Toad”) was born May 21, 1900 and died Feb 3, 1968.  He was married to Mary Copper,  b. Mar 8, 1906, d. Jan 6, 2004.  Their children were:
    • Frederick, b. 1925, d. 1928, drowned on Easter Sunday when about 2 years old.
    • Jim Spencer
    • Tom Spencer
    • Bob Spencer
    • Lorette Spencer
  • Theodore Alonzo Spencer born May 16, 1904, at which time his mother, Frances (Redmond) Spencer died.  He was taken in   immediately by his Aunt Rosie and Uncle Johnny, who were his maternal grandparents and they later adopted him, which made them his adopted parents, too.  And this changed his name to Theodore A. Redmond. (Therefore, John Redmond was grandfather, uncle and adopted father to Ted; likewise Rosette was his anut, grandmother and adopted mother.)  Ted married Stella Simon and they had two children:
    • Marvin Redmond
    • Dorothy Redmond
  • John Spencer, b. May 21, 1900, d. Feb 3, 1968.  There no children from this union. 

Albert Spencer, Orra Spencer Jr. and Mrs. Hugh Curley were members of the Curtisville Baptist Church when it was organized in 1888. The lathe and plaster for the new church was donated by Hugh Curley, Hank Curley, and Orra Spencer Sr., Orra Spencer Jr. and Albert Spencer. The chimney was built by Hugh Curley.

Orra Spencer Jr. and Albert Spencer did not clear the land on their farms until about 1913.

Robert Henderson Spencer, b. 1866, d. 1557.  Curtisville Postmaster, Mar, 2, 1922 to Arp 13, 1928.





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