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Caleb Smith was born 11 Mar 1838, possibly in Lindley, Steuben County, New York. At a young age he left to Lawrence, Tioga County, Pennsylvania as farm labor. Tioga County is just south of Steuben County. The towns are very close to each other. The 1860 Census has Caleb, 20, living with Charles and Lovina Blanchard as farm laborer.

At the same time, the 1860 Census has Susan Simons (B: 4 Apr 1845; D: 8 Feb 1907 in Curtis, Alcona, Michigan), 15, living in Farmington, Tioga, PA with her father, Joseph Simons (B: 1822 in Chautauqua County, NY; D: 1878 in Thompson, Iosco, Michigan), 38, and her mother Lois Tremain (B: 1824 In Lindley, Steuben County, NY; D: 1884 in Glennie, Alcona, Michigan), 36. Susan is the oldest of six children, so far. There is also: Adaline (B: Apr 1847; D: 4 Feb 1911 in Harrisville, Alcona, MI), Sylvania (B: 1849), James M (B: 1852; D: 1927 in Curtis, Alcona, MI, Joseph (B: Jan 1857; D: 25 Jul 1885 in Curtis, Alcona, MI), and Carlis (B: 1860). Lott came along later (B: Apr 1863; D: 3 Feb 1907 in Curtis, Alcona, MI). They were all born in Farmington.

Joseph Simons is the brother of Benjamin Simons (B: May 1823 in Chautauqua County, NY). In 1860, Benjamin already had eight children with wife Emily Tremain (B: 1 Jun 1829 in Lindley, Steuben County, NY; D: 15 Sep 1906 in Curtis, Alcona, MI). Lois and Emily were sisters. Benjamin and Emily had a total of nine children: George A (B: 1848), Charlotte (B: 1851), Melissa (B: 1852), Lois (B: 22 Mar 1854; D: 27 Nov 1925 in Curtis, Alcona, MI), Eugene ( B: Apr 1855; D: 16 Feb 1931 in Olean, Cattaraugus, NY), Truman (B: 1 May 1856; D: 24 Feb 1924 in Curtis, Alcona, MI), and Franklin (B: May 1859). They were all born in Farmington. Albert (B: 1869) was born in Tawas, Iosco, Michigan.

In 1863, Caleb Smith (my GGGrandfather) and Susan Simons (my GGGrandmother) were married in Farmington.

Their first child, William Oliver Smith, was born 9 Mar 1865 in Farmington; (D: 15 Jan 1944 in Saginaw, Saginaw, MI).

In 1867, Caleb Smith, Susan Simons Smith, and two year old William went with Susan’s father Joseph Simons and his entire family (wife and six other children) to land purchased by Joseph in Iosco County, Michigan. The land was in Township 24 N Range 5 E Section 10. Soon after, Caleb Smith built a cabin directly north (Alcona County) of his father-in-laws’ land. He started clearing the land for farming and had a Lumber Camp off what is now Smith Creek. At this time is when Caleb met Ebenezer Duncan Curtis, who ran the Lumber Camp in winter. Their cabins were across Smith Creek from each other and when Mary had her seventh child Richard, Ebenezer took his wife to Susan.

In 1868, Caleb and Susan’s second child Emma Jane (B: 9 Mar 1868 in Tawas, Iosco, MI; D: 3 Oct 1938 in Curtis, Alcona, MI) was born.

In 1869, Benjamin Simons, wife and eight children came to Michigan. His land issue was 160 acres in Township 24 N Range 5 E Section 8. His son, George A Simons, was issued 120 acres in Township 24 N Range 5 E Section 9. His son, Julius Simons, was issued 160 acres in Township 24 N Range 5 E Section 8. These lands were all purchased in 1875.

In 1870, Caleb and Susan added their third child, Joseph Smith (B: 14 Apr 1870 in Tawas, Iosco, MI; D: 30 Aug 1953 in Detroit, Wayne, MI), my Great Grandfather. In the 1870 Census, Caleb Smith lives next door to Julius Simons. They live near Benjamin and Joseph Simons’ family‘s, too. Susan Simons Smith had her father, mother, sisters and brothers, as well as, her uncle and cousins all near. This was all in Iosco County. That is where they farmed. The cabin in Alcona County must have been for lumbering in the winter season and hunting.

In 1872, Caleb and Susan had their fourth child and named him after their good friend, Ebenezer Curtis Smith (B: 7 Jan 1872 in what would become Curtis, Alcona, MI; D: 13 Sep 1946 in Curtis.) He was born in the cabin at Smith Creek in the winter during the lumber season. By that time, Julius Simons was running a mobile saw mill on Bamfield Hill for people to build houses.

NOTES: Truman Simons was Susan’s cousin. He married Ebenezer Curtis’s youngest daughter, Mary A “Mame” Curtis. Eb Simons is Truman and Mame’s oldest son Eben(ezer) (B: Jan 1879 in Greenbush). By 1880, the area they are in is called Greenbush, Iosco County. I also have a name of Plainfield, Iosco County. By 1900, most of the family that stayed had moved to Curtis, Alcona County.  

Caleb Smith did not buy land until 1875. Near the original cabin in Alcona. Land purchase was 160 acres in Township 25 N Range 5 E Section 21 & 28. Caleb farmed his land until his death 2 Apr 1915. I am not aware of when he stopped the Lumber Camp in the winters.

Provided by Cathy Lowe.

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