Sinclair-Hillside School

Hillside-Sinclair School - 1910
Hillside-Sinclair School - 1910

As more settlers came to Curtisville, another school was needed. The Hillside School was built two miles south of the Curtisville School. It was completed and in session, sometime before 1908. As in most of the country schools, there was a three month term in the spring and a three month term in the fall. This school was sometimes referred to as the Sinclair school or Little Log School. It was on the road between Curtisville and South Branch.

During the fall term of 1908, Carrie Pattee was the teacher. Her pupils were: Winifred and Thomas Cole, Albert and Brett Pemberton, Clara Berry, Florence, Myrtle, Fred and Louis Bouvia, George and Adelbut Wilson, Charlie and Alfred Emo, Arthur Hempton, Stella, Hazel and Allan Stevens.

Known students in 1909 were: Allan Stevens, Thomas Cole, Louis Bouvia, Fred Bouvia, Hazel Stevens, Winifred Cole, Stella Stevens, Myrtle Bouvia and Florence Bouvia.

John McMillon class picture

John McMillan is boy on the right in the front row.

Other teachers following Miss Pattee were: Jennie Thompson, Mary McGarry, Jessie Widman, Clyde Nestle, Jessie Heilig, Mae Ash, Nettie Bissonette, Nellie Sweet, and Christina Stuart.

Sinclair School Ball Players

Sinclair School Ball Players

Sinclair School c. 1914

Sinclair-Hillside School c. 1914.  Back row left to right:  Emms Sinclair, unknown, Christina Sinclair, Becky Cole, unknown.  Second row:  Walter, unknown, unknown.  Front row: unknown.

During the school terms from 1915 through 1917, Christina Stuart was the teacher. Some of her students during these years were: Hazel, Allan, Thelma, and Ira Stevens, Winifred and Thomas Cole, Andrew, Jennie, John, George, and Christina Hempton, Charlie, Alfred, Mina and George Eno, Lloyd Imlay, Rodney, Loraine, Jacquetta, Hazel, and Glenn Sells, Henry, George, and Delbert Wilson, Margaret, Kathryn, and Emma Sinclair, Katheryn and Jimmy Campbell, Violet Mills, and Beaumont Cushway.

Reprinted from “What You Always Wanted to Know About Curtis Township But were Afraid to Ask”

                                                                   An interview Winifred Cole Rickle
                                                                   Reprinted with Mrs. Rickle’s       

[NOTE:] Based on an interview with Winifred Rickle. Reprinted in Curtisville 1866-1976 with Mrs. Rickle's permission.

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