Mrs. Bamfield's Broom

Chris Yockey
Dealer in

White Pine, Norway & Hemlock

State Street

Oscoda, Mich.

Mr. Wm. Bamfield
Glennie, Mich

Dear Sir

The broom I sent up the day I sent the stuff up to you was handed by Ellis to some boy who happened to be out on the crossing that morning and no doubt has taken it home with him. So I sent you another by tomorrow and hope your wife will get it. I am so sorry it happened so but you can see it was no fault of mine. Keep an account of what I owe you and when I come up a little bit later we will fix it up. Thanking you for all past favors your recovery may be rapid in future.

I remain yours truly,

Chris Yockey

P.S. Please explain to Mrs. Bamfield about the broom going astray.  I appreciate her kindness in giving me her broom and feel very much put out what became of it.  It is not the value but the usefulness of it especially when a person needs it.

Unknown, Mrs. Bamfield

What Happened to that Broom?
Unknown woman with Mrs. Bamfield

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