Latter Family

Latter Family

Arthur and Harriet Hutchinson Latter

Lou Latter and Dormil Bamfield

Lou Latter and Darnil Bamfield

Tall Corn

A Great Year for Corn:  Art Latter, Johnnie Redmond, Colin Humphrey


Arthur and Harriet Hutchinson Latter brought their family to the Gates Ranch in September 1917.  Arthurs parents, Edney and Lucy, were natives of England.  Edney was a merchant and when free trade was abolished in England he moved his family to the new world, first to Canada and finally to Iosco County.  They formerly lived on the Cleveland Sheep and Stock Company Ranch at Hale, Michigan. Mr. Latter desired more acreage and so moved to Curtisville. Arthur and Harriet had three children:

  • Clifford - now of Flint, married Catharine Clary.
  • Anne - of West Branch, married William Bamfield. Son of one of Curtisville's first pioneer families.
  • Bill - of West Branch, a successful rancher.

A fourth child, a baby girl, was born and died in infancy in 1929.  The three children attended Curtisville School. In 1950, Mr. Latter sold his property to Howard Beach of Bay City, Michigan.  At present it is owned by the Harold Schultz family of Munger, Michigan. Mr. & Mrs. Latters last days were spent n West Branch, Michigan.

Neal Latter

Rita (Tick) Latter

Lou Latter

Neal Latter

Interview - Anne Latter Bamfield

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