Indian Visitors

An old Indian trail ran along the south bank of the Au Sable River and passed through Curtisville.  As a result early pioneers were frequently visited by Indians passing through the village.  

There was an Indian camp located directly behind and across the creek from Curtisville Baptist Church.

Indians also harvested Black Ash on the Manley Bell farm for basket making.

Gene Curtis and Sodney Muckapush

Gene Curtis and Sodney Muckapush

Other Indians that frequented the Curtisville area are:  Whitney Albert, Frank Beaver, and John & Susie Nehgahgwon.

Frank Beaver

Frank Beaver

Frank Beaver's Family

Frank Beaver’s Family

Frank Beaver was an educated Chippewa Indian from near the straits.  He belonged to a band of Ginseng hunters.  Frank was a good friend of the Curtis’  Gene Curtis has a hymnal given to Richard Curtis by Frank.  The Beavers came to stay one time when Eben and Mary were away.   Aunt Mary always laughed when she told how before supper Mrs. Beaver told Frank something in Chippewa.  He went of to the was basin and splashed water all over his face, hair and floor, etc.  Aunt Mary said. “like a duck.”

Frank was a roving Methodist Minister.  Frank lies to rest in the Chippewa Cemetery on the reservation near Oscoda, Mich.

Manely A. Bell

Daniel  Nehgahqwon - Construction of Alcona Dam

Construction Crew at Alcona Dam
Daniel  Nehgahqwon second from the left back row

John & Susie Nehgahgwon

Susie & John Nehgahqwon demonstrated their skills as basket makers at the Smithsonian during the Bicentennial. 

Many Indians were employed during the construction of the five hydroelectric dams on the Au Sable River. 




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