Imley Family


Imley Family


Peter and Minnie Imlay lived in Curtisville during the lumbering days. Peter was a cook at Gates Lumber Camp.  He was a baker on Great Lake ships before he got married. They first lived on a little lake west and north of here.  The lake still bears their name, Imlay Lake.  Mrs. Imlay's father, Mr. C.W. Montgomery gave them a piece of property across from the Swayze Gordon farm.  The present Curtisville Civic Center [Curtisville School] is situated on a corner of that property.  The Imlay log house was in back of the present hall, where lilac bushes and apple trees may still be seen. After the lumbering was over, Imlay's moved to Detroit.  Mrs. Imlay and Mrs. Orra Spencer Jr. (Clara) were sisters. The Montgomerys are buried in the Curtisville Cemetery. 

Peter Imlay was born in Canada in 1857.  His wife Minnie (Montgomery) Imlay was born in Pennsylvania in 1874. 

Imlay's had no children: 

C. W. Gordon Imlay born Jul 24, 1891, he was married Mary Elizabeth McCalley.  She was born Sep 7, 1891.  They lived in Flint and had four children.

Annie May Imlay b. Apr 9, 1893.  She was married to Edward Henry Morrison, born Jan 29, 1888.  They had four children.  Then lived in Detroit and retired in Rose City.

Minnie Bell Imlay b. May 28, 1895, d. 1918.  She was married to Clyde Clark Nestle Sr.  They had two children.  She is buried in the Curtisville Cemetery.

George Dewey Imlay b. Oc t 7, 1899.  He was married Hazel Stevenson.  They had two children and lived in Detroit.

John Lloyd Imlay b. May 3, 1902.  Never married, deceased. 

Etta Jane Imlay b. Jun 23, 1897.  Married William Conners, b. 625, 1897.  They had six children and lived first at McCollum Lake and then Alpena.

Alice Elizabeth Imlay b. Aug 1, 1904.  She was married to Theodore Carl Biscoff b. Nov 27, 1894.  They had two children and lived in Detroit.

Sadie Gertrude Imlay b. Nov 25, 1906.  She was married to Raymond Leseure.  They had one child and lived in Detroit.

Peter Alexander Imlay b. Mar 7, 1909.  He was married to Opal Blanche Notestine, b. Jul 23, 1910.  They had six children and lived in Detroit.

Mary Jeanette Imlay b. Mar 15, 1915.  She was married to Stephen Boneff.  They had three children and lived in Detroit.

Peter died in 1923 and at that time owned a cleaners.  His wife Minnie died in 1945 in Alpena, at the home of William and Etta.   She is buried in the Roseland Cemetery in Oakland County, Michigan.

Most of the information above was provided by Alexander Irven Imlay in a letter to Arbutus (Bell) Milholin on May 23, 1999.

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