I Remember the Heiligs

Heilig’s lived in a two story upright house with a log addition on the south side. It was my first introduction to a breezeway. There was a large table in the center of the log addition. Mrs. Heilig was Post Master for many years. We lived on a farm close by and I loved to go there and play with the kids. I would run away to go play with my dear friend Gladys. They had a real nice swing in the orchard on the way home. About halfway between the Bowser farm (1),there was a large stand of Tansy. I never knew any use for it, but now I see its name in the herb family. About half way down the hill from the Heilig house was a barn (on the west side). There was a nice spring there where Heiligs drew their water. Mr. Heilig tried to drill a well upon the hill but without success. Across from the barn was a gate, which made visiting Truman and Mary Simons more convenient. They lived in a house behind the Curtisville School (2). Heiligs were good neighbors, they always had room for one more child. Mrs. Mary Curtis Simons was my baby sitter. I think my mother felt Mrs. Heilig had enough to do --- but I would have loved to stay with her.   

The house burned about 1916. When occupied by Wesley Redmond.  Redmond’s lost everything except the baby buggy. Baby daughter Susan was sleeping in.  Her mother pushed her out the door and saved her life.  There are still a few apple trees to mark the spot.

The Bowser farm was on the north side of the road.  The property is now owned by a great granddaughter of the Heiligs.

Catherine Clarey Latter, 1989





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