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Herbert Gordon Family

Gordon Family

Minnie & Herb Gordon & Mrs. McDermott

Herbert and Alexander (Sandy) Gordon were sons of Jessie Grant and Alexander Gordon. They were of Scottish ancestry.  Their birthpalce was in Glengary County, Ontario, Canada. Herbert was born November 7, 1862 and died at Curtisville, Michigan, February 22, 1953.  Alexander was born in 1865 and died in 1906 at Gates Camp.  He was loading a train load of logs and died of a heart attack.

The boys came to Tawas with their parents when they were 1 and 2 years of age respectively.  They were both employed with Saginaw Salt and Lumber Company,  in the Georgian Bay district. At one time they operated a boat, the "Merry Miller", transporting materials on Lake Huron. They were also Superintendents for the S. J. M. Gates Lumber Company whose head quarters was in Bay City. They worked at the Gates Lumber Camp west of Curtisville.

Herbert participated in the Klondike Gold Rush in 1898.  He returned to Tawas afterward. He took over his brother's job as Superintendent of Gates Lumber Camp after Sandy's death and remained with Gates until 1909.

C aius Gordon Gordon

Grant Gordon-2

Cauis Gordon

Grant Gordon

Mary Ellen (Minnie) Wilson was born on September 14, 1866 in Cumbermore, Ontario, Canada. She was married to Alexander Gordon in 1893.  They had two sons and one daughter. Grant, born May 3, 1895 and died in the service in 1918.  Cauis was born May 6, 1899 and died August 6, 1975.  The daughter died at birth.

Herbert married Mary Ellen Gordon, widow of his brother, Alexander, in 1908.

Gordons purchased their farm in 1909 from Thomas Phillips. The former owner, Eliza Wilbur purchased the land for the U.S. Government October 10, 1868. The farm was sold to Phillips in 1897.

Herbert was a civic leader in our township and held various township offices.  He always had time to spin a tale or tow concerning his adventures in the gold rush.

Minnie was a special person. She was diplomatic in handling community problems. She took an active part in church activities.  She taught the young peoples class and counciled with us long before and of us heard of psychiatry. She played the reed organ for church services for many years. We considered it a special treat to be a recipient of a box of her homemade candy [see recipe below], each piece carefully decorated with nuts, cherries or raisins. 

Historical dates supplied by Mrs. Cauis Gordon


6 Cups white sugar

1/2 Cup pure cream

Boil up - when boiling good add 1/4 Cup vinegar - large lump of butter.

Boil until it will form a hard ball in cold water. You may add shredded coconut or nut meats if you desire.

Swayze Gordon Family



Swayze Gordon - First School Superintendent

Swazye Gordon and his family were pioneers in the Curtisville area. They are recorded as living here on the 1880 Census. Swazye was born in Pennsylvania. He homesteaded a piece of land across the road, to the west, of the present Curtisville Civic Center. 

This property has been owned by James Simons, Wm. Clarey, Daniel McDermott, Cliff Latter, Larry Du Bois, Rev. Earl Redmond and Harold Schultz. Catherine Clarey Latter has a record that her father paid $1,500 for the 80 acres in 1903 and paid 6% interest. 

Pastor Curtis Carrol and his wife Jackie currently own and live in the original Gordon house. Gary and sandy Myers of Munger, Michigan, own the remainder of the property and use it as a hunting camp.

The 1900 Census identified the following members of the Gordon faimily living in Curtisville: Swazye Gordon (head of household), Frank (son), Bertha D. (daughter) and Guy (son).

Swazye Gordon was the first director of the Curtis School.

Swazye's children were: Frank, married to Olive Simons; Bertha, married to Reuben Simons and Guy. Bertha and Reuben Simons children were: Lynnie, married to George Perreutt Russel; Alice, married Charles Curtis and Stella, married to Ted Redmond.

Guy was very talented. James Heilig, Sr. recalls that when Guy was a small boy living at Gates Camp, he invented a small engine that actually worked.

Guy invented a 3-dimension camera and made prisms during World War II. He had a photo studio in Natick, Massachusetts. He also taught the science of photography at a college in Massachusetts. Guy also repaired clocks and watches.

[NOTE: Much of the information on the Swazye Gordon family was supplied by: Stella Simons Redmond, Inez Byce Abbott, Catherine Clarey Latter and Arbutus Milholin.]

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