Goodfellow Family

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Goodfellow Homestead

Robert Goodfellow and Agnes Cleland Goodfellow

Robert Goodfellow and Agnes (Clelland) Goodfellow

Goodfellow Homestead

Goodfellow Homestead

Goodfellow Hollow

Goodfellow Hollow

Mary Goodfellow feeding deer

Mary (Goodfellow) Curtis feeding pet deer Nancy


Bill and Robert Goodfellow

Robert Goodfellow Sr. b. Sep 6, 1827 in Scotch, Canada, d. Dec 11, 1900.  Robert Sr., was a veteran of the Civil War, Co. K NY H. A. He was discharged on Auguest 8, at Glennie Station, Michigan.  He was married to Catherine Conn on April 8, 1850 in Stoneham, Quebec, Canada.  She died on February 3, 1851.    They had two children:

  • Margaret Goodfellow born December 24, 1850 in Valcartier, Canada and died 1851 in Valcartier, Canada.
  • Jessey Goodfellow born December 24, 1850 in Vallcartier, Canada.  Jessiy was raised by her maternal grandparents following the death of her mother and twin sister.

He was married to Agnes Marion Clelland on April 15, 1852 Valcartier, Canada.  She was the daughter of James Clelland and Christian Thompson.  She was born on August 16, 1832 in New York and died on June 21, 1895 in Curtisville, Alcona County, Michigan.   They had seven children:

  • Christian Goodfellow was born on February 13, 1853 in Valcartier, Canada.  She was married to Thomas Chappell.
  • Robert Goodfellow Jr.  was born on August 13, 1855 in Valcartier, Canada and died on December 22, 1929 in Curtisville, Alcona County, Michigan.   Robert remained on the home place and died in Curtisville.
  • William (Bill) Goodfellow was born on July 25, 1853 in Valcartier, Canada and died on November 24, 1924 in Curtisville, Alcona County, Michigan. .  Bill drove a team of big gray horses to Minnesota to work in the woods in the fall, returning in the spring. When the horses became old, Bill broke a pair of oxen and farmed 80 acres of land with them.
  • Jane Goodfellow was born on August 4, 1862 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and died on April 2, 1941 in AuSable, Michigan.  She was married Justice Howard Spencer on January 20, 1884 in Oscoda, Michigan.  He was born on February 28, 1863 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  He was employed as a commercial fisherman.
  • Marion Goodfellow was born on June 22, 186 in New York, and died in Curtisville, Michigan .  She was married to Richard Ebenezer Curtis on May 22, 1891.  He was born on December 11, 1869 and died on November 13, 1949 in Curtisville, Michigan.  He was the son of Ebenezer Duncan Curtis and Mary Hodges the founders of Curtisville.
  • James Goodfellow. was born on August 13, 1867 and died 1931 in San Francisco, California. James left here in 1900 for Minnesota then to the Black Hills of North Dakota till 1936. He then traveled to California where he died.
  • Eva Mae Goodfellow was born on March 27, 1871 in St. Lawerence County Edwards, New York  and died on June 4, 1943 in Curtisville, Alcona County, Michigan.  She married Peter Francis Heilig on July 28, 1887 in Alcona County, Michigan.  He was the son of John Heilig and Catharine Rougeot.  He was born pm August 8, 1853 in Rome, Oneida County, New York and died on June 10, 1924 in Curtisville, Alcona County, Michigan.  Peter first came to Oscoda from New York. He herded horses for Loud in the summer. In the winter he killed wild game for the lumber camps. In the 1880 census he stated his occupation as hunter.
  • John Goodfellow born on February 22, 1873 in New York and died near Ann Arbor, Michigan.  See Funeral in the Orchard.

Robert and Son Bill drove a pair of horses from the state of New York to Grayling and bought a farm there. The rest of the family came by train to join them. They next moved to Comins and later came down to Curtisville to lumber.  They bought a piece of land along Wilbur Creek.


John Goodfellow and fellow workers piling logs

John Goodfellow and fellow workers piling logs.  c. 1910

Family Haying

Family Haying: Richard Curtis, Robert Goodfellow and Jim Goodfellow

Because the Goodfellow boys were all bachelors and left no heirs to carry on their name, Pearl Spencer Brodie named a subdivision Goodfellow, in their honor.

Interview with James N. Hielig

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