Curtisville Veterans


Those veterans buried in the Curtisville Cemetery, Curtis Township, Alcona County, Michigan are identified with an  asterisk * before their names.

CIVIL WAR(1860-1865)

* William H. Bamfield, Co. H, NY Volunteer Infantry, Grand Army of the Republic
* Joseph Bell, Jr., Co. K, 16 Maine Infantry
* Robert Goodfellow, 1827-1900, Co. K, 14 NY Heavy Artillery
* John Hopkins, Sgt, Co. F., 10 NY Cavalry
* William Wilkinson, 1846-1911, Grand Army of the Republic


* John Hopkins, Sgt, Co. F, 10 NY Cavalry

WORLD WAR I (1914-1918)

America's Polar Bear Expedition

The Polar Bear Expedition (also known as the Northern Russian Expedition, the American North Russia Expeditionary Force - ANREF or the American Expeditionary Force North Russia - AEFNR) was a contingent of about 5,000 U.S. troops[1] that landed in Arkhangelsk, Russia as part of the Allied intervention in the Russian Civil War and fought the Red Army in the surrounding region during the period of September 1918 through July 1919.

Curtisville Troops with the Polar Bear Division in Archangel, Russia

War Between Whites and Reds in Russia. The hardest and longest fighting centered in Russia. In 1917 the Allies stationed some 15,000 British and Americans at Archangel, Russia.

There were also some 8,000 Americans in Siberia. A large complement of Michigan's Eighty-fifth Division, 339th Infantry Regiment found themselves in Russia. They were a major part of America's Polar Bear expedition that aided the White Russian forces in their futile efforts to unseat Russia's new Communist regime.

Fierce fighting took place in Russia between the Bolsheviks (Red) and the anti-Reds (Whites) in 1918 and 1919. The revolutionary Reds finally won. The allied troops and the Michiganians returned home in the summer of 1919. [1,2,3,4 below]

Ernest Berry, Peter Curley, Thomas Curley and Charles D. Curtis served in this regiment. Ernest Berry lost his life while  stationed in Russia. These individuals are buried in the Curtisville Cemetery.

Donald Bell & his father Joe Bell

Donald G. Bell and his father Joe Bell

WORLD WAR II (1941-1945)

Vern Curley


Prisoner of War

Lavern A. Curley, verteran of World War II and a prisoner of war for 43 months, was born November 25, 1917, at Curtisville, the son of Peter and Stella Curley.

From March 13, 1940 to October 19, 1945, he was in military service, with overseas duty in the Asiatic-Pacific Theater, serving in the Field Artillery. He was captured on Java and taken by the Japanese to Burma to work on the Burma Road. When he was released he only weighed 84 pounds.

A fellow prisoner of war said, He was alive today because Lavern had slapped him and forced him to eat rats to stay alive. It wasn't fair that Lavern should die in an automobile accident after everything they had been through. [5 below]


* Lewis E. Adams, S2, U.S. Navy
Clifford Bamfield


* Richard Zane Bamfield, 1924-1943, Cox, U.S. Navy Reserves, killed in action

USS LISCOME BAY sank some 23 minutes after being torpedoed. APproximately three-fourths of her complement wer'e lost with
her. Reports from vessels in company indicated that the explosion was of far greater violence than that which could be
produced by enemy torpedoes alone - even if two or three had hit simultaneously.

* Doug W. Blaisdell, 1917-1964, F2, U.S. Army
Gene Curtis, U.S. Army, (Army of Occupation - Germany)
Stanley Curtis, Sgt, U.S. Army, (Army of Occupation - Germany)
---Mere G. Draper, Sr., F1, U.S. Navy
---Earl Dyer, U.S. Army
---Donald V. Heisel, U.S. Army

Clifford Bamfield and Fred La Fleur at Camp Custer

Clifford and Fred Bamfield at Camp Custer

Fred La Fleur

Fred La Fleur manning the guns

Fred La Fleur (France, Germany and Belgium)

Manley La Fleur - Camp Livingston, LA

Manley La Fleur at Camp Livingston, KA

---Manley La Fleur, U.S. Army, killed in action

Manley Bell Howard McMillen Russel Baird

Manley Bell, Howard McMillen and Russel Baird

Howard McMillan - Jan 1944

Howard McMillen was in the D-Day Invasion of France

---Howard McMillen, Navy, D-Day Invasion

Frank O'Meara

Frank O’Meara

---Frank O'Meara
---Bob Pope
---Lewis Redmond, Army Air Force, South Pacific
---William Redmond, Invasion of Germany
---Virgil Redmond, in service after the war
---William S. Sanford, Sgt, U.S. Air Force
---Glenn Shedenhelm
---Roy Shedenhelm, in service after the war
* Ray W. Spencer, U.S. Navy

KOREAN WAR (1950-19--)

* Ronald Douglas Born, 1932-1980, Cpl, U.S. Army
* Clifford W. Farthing, 1930-1982, Sgt, U.S. Air Force
* Curtis Waasdorp, U.S. Marines
---John A. Karoly, U.S. Marines
---Harry McMillen, U.S. Army
---Robert Milholin, Cpl, U.S. Army

VIETNAM WAR (1965-1972)

David Bailey, MSgt, U.S. Air Force, 1967-1990
Susan Bailey, Sgt, U.S. Air Force, 1974-1983
* Roy Harrison Demott, 1927-1962, Sp. 6, U.S. Army
Allen Fish, TSgt, U.S. Air Force, 1963-1971
Henry Heilig, Army
John Heilig, Army
* Victor Lawson, U.S. Air Force
James Dewey London
Dennis Rock, U.S. Air Force
Ronald J. Sortor, MSgt, U.S. Air Force, 1960-1980
Tom Gates, U.S. Marines
* Donald DeMott, Seaman, U.S. Navy


* William S. Sanford, 1929-1982,Sgt, U.S. Air Force
* Ronald Betts
* Louis Peterson


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