Curtisville School

Curtisville School - 10-6-1909

Curtisville School c.1910

Moore and Tanner deeded land to the Town of Curtis for the school  purposes.

Moore and Tanner
Rec'd for record July 10, 1884, 10:00 A.M.
To Town of Curtis
C. E. Jamison, Register

We hereby give an acre of land in fee simple to the town of Curtis for
school purposes. Being the northeast corner of the NW 1/4 of Sec 20. t. 25-5.
Moore and Tanner

Received from S. Gordon, one dollar in full consideration of said land.
Moore and Tanner
County Records

Abstract of School

Swazye Gordon - First Director of Curtisville School

The first school house was very small - about 16 feet by 16 feet. One source said it was made of logs; another said it was made of vertical boards with 3-inch battens over the cracks. It set in front of what is now the Curtisville Civic Center. The first teaher was Miss. Effie Kelley.

Aunt Florences Class

Teacher Florence Loca.  Students: Rella Merritt, Jessie Heilig
John McMillon, Caisis Gordon, Katie Heilig, Mable Curley, Grant Gordon, Jim Heilig
Lyle Imlay, Clifford McMillon, Robert or Leslie Merritt, Georgia Bell, Alice Imlay, Nellie Heilig, Lyle Bell, Ted Redmond, Alvin Redmond, Charlie Curley, George Imlay, last one.

A large school was built of logs (the present Curtisville Civic Center). It set further back and was moved forward to it's present location. It was later covered with clapboard siding. (2)

Curtisville School 1912

Curtisville School Class 1912.  Teacher Ali Healey. Known students: Nellie Heilig, Ray Curley, Charley Curley, Edith Heilig, George Imlay, Lyle Bell, Lloyd Imlay, Etta Imlay, Katie Heilig, James Heilig, Elmer Curley, Ellen Wilkinson, Etta Imlay, Arilla Wilinson and Jessie Heilig.
School Picture

Curtisville School Class 1915:  Teacher: Irene McDougal
Back Row:  Nellie (Heilig) Wickstrom, Katherine (Heilig) Smith, Lyle Bell, boy, boy, Clare Redmond, Alvin Bell, boy.
Front Row: Squatted down: Dick Simons, boy, Violet (Heilig) Pierce, Louise Curley, Georgia Bell, Grace Bell, George Imlay, Etta Jane Imlay,

School Picture in Curtisville

Curtisville School Class 1915.  Teacher Irene McDougall.  Georgia Bell 3rd from left second row. Edith Heilig 1st on left

Curtisville School Class-Unknown

Curtisville School Class:  Katherine Sinclair third from left back row, Christine “Babe” Sinclair fourth from left front row.

Curtisville Kids c1920

Curtisville Kids c. 1920:  Katherine Sinclair thrid from left back row, Christine “Babe” Sinclair thrid from left front row, Emma Sinclair in dark vest.

Curtisville Kids

Curtisville Kids:  Peggy Sinclair second ffrom left back row, Christine “Babe” Sinclair far left front row, Emma Sinclair thrid from left front row - knee socks.


Esthers School Picture

School Picture 3

Teachers at Curtisville Schools

Miss Effie Kelley
Mary Waite
Mary Emerick
Edith La Chapple
Clyde Nestle
Florence Loca
Mary Mc Gary
Carrie Pattee-- (1908)
Ernest La Chapple
Morman Gould
Ivas Berry
Nora O'Conner
Mary Wilkinson-- (1910)
Ali Healy (1912)
Lavina Healy
Irene Mc Dougall-- (1915)
Chritina Stewart-- (1915-1917)
Coresta Southwick-- (1930)
Walter Laidlaw-- (1931-1933)
Gene Smith
Roy Redmond

Edith La Chapple - Teacher



May 23, 1930

This parting thought
I am leaving today
With you, my pupil and friend,
May the deeds that were wrought
And lessons here taught
Your life to new energies bend.


May 23, 1930


* * *

School Board

 Mrs. H. C. Gordon, President
 Mrs. Edna Baker, Secretary
 C. S. Schoolcraft, Treasurer


 Clyde Prentice
 Mrs. Fred Marsh


 Undine Phillips
 Henry Adams
 Billy Redmond
 Walter Adams
 Ruth Adams
 Louis Redmond
 Betty Patterson
 Degretta Spencer
 David Aeno
 Lillie Roe
 Arline Adams
 Pat Bonner
 Willis Shaver
 Florence Adams
 Harriet Edwards
 Winona Roe
 Hazel Barnes
 Susie Redmond
 Alfred Adams
 Lloyd Brodie
 Nellie Aeno
 Irene Patterson
 Julius Spencer
 Vernon Adams
 Louis Adams
 Arbutus Bell
 Jay Roe
 Howard Mc Millan
 Fred Roe
 Flora Bonner
 Rebecca Rickel

The above is a transcription of the Curtisville School Grauation Program  for the last class that was taught in the old Cutisville School House in 1930.

New Curtisville School

Curtisville School 2


Curtisville School Class

Back Row: Betty Tyson, Harriett Edwards, Margaret Shaffer, Marie Brodie, Loretta Spencer, Dorothy Redmond
John Tyson, Audrey Bell, Harriet Bamfield, Audrey Sayce, Billy Musselman, Ralph Shedenhelm, Frank O’Meara
Frank Shaffer, Glenn Shedenhelm, Curtis Bell, Marvin Redmond, Spencer Boy, Ray Shedenhelm, Stanley Curtis
Gene Curtis, Billie Bamfield, Virgil Redmond, Leon Tower, Jennie McMillen
Ruthie Tower, Larry Bell? Harry McMillen, Marie Tyson, Zelma Redmond, Lou Latter
Neil Bell, Neil Latter, Donnie Bamfield, Bobbie O’Meara, Betty Ann Redmond, Tuddie Emmons, Spencer Boy.



Curtisville School Class 1934.  Teacher:  Gene Smith.  Gene Smith was a retired Air Force officer and was remembered for his strict disipline. These are the names of the children in the school picture:  Back Row (left to right) Richard Zane Bamfield, Gene Curtis, Marvin Redmond, Marie Brodie, Peter Heileg, Elaine Heileg and Gene Smith (teacher).  Front Row: (left to right) Stanley Curtis, Charles Richard Curtis, Leon Tower, William Bamfield, Zelma Redmond, Lou Latter, Audrey Sayce, Harriette Anne Bamfield, France Spencer and Tom Spencer.

Curtisville School Class - 1936
Class of 1936: Dorothy Byler, Francis Heilig, Harriet Edwards, Dick Bamfield, Lauretta Spencer, Howard McMillen, Dorothy Redmond, Lewis Redmond




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