Curtisville Post Office

Sketch of Johnny Redmond's Mail Wagon

Pen and ink sketch of Johnny Redmond’s Post Office & Mail Wagon - Artist Unknown

The Tote Road came from the Thompson Farm (near the Rollways) to Wilber Creek. There was a deep cut here and the road turned sharply at the bottom. A large hemlock tree about three or four feet through stood at the turn. Ebenezer D. Curtis bored holes in the tree, up and down, and then took a chisel and made a big slot. As the teams came down from the North, they picked mail up and took it to Tawas. On the return trip they brother the settler's mail back and put it in the slot in the hemlock tree. Some winters, Ebenezer D. Curtis snowshoed to Mack City, a lumbering town near Mack Lake, to pick up the mail.

Curtisville, Alcona County: Curtis Twp. was organized in 1881 and named for its first settler, Ebenezer Duncan Curtis; James Simons became the first postmaster of Curtis on June 14, 1881, the office operating until August 23, 1881; the office was restored as Curtisville on December 29, 1897, with cattle dealer Joseph Bell as its postmaster and operated until February 15, 1955. (page: GSM 1899, P.O. Archives)

Curtisville Post Office - Bell Homestead1

Curtisville Post Office in Joseph Bell Homestead




Date Appointed

Joseph Bell


December 29, 1897

Joseph Bell, Jr.


April 17, 1901

Joseph Bell


May 26, 1903

Edward J.. Bell


June 3, 1910

Eva Heilig


March 20, 1915

Edward J. Bell


May 1, 1919

Albert Spencer


March 2, 1922

John J. McMillan


April 13, 1928

Mrs. Hannah D. Phillips


August 22, 1935

Herbert C. Gordon

Acting Postmaster

December 15, 1936

Herbert C. Gordon


January 12, 1937

Mrs. Pauline M. Byler

Acting Postmaster

December 31, 1951

Mrs. Pauline M. Byler


September 18, 1952

Discontinued on February 15, 1955: mail to South Branch

Source:  U.S. Postal Service Archives

Johnny Redmond's Mail Wagon

The post offices were in homes. Those who held the post master or mistress position were: Joseph Bell, Edward Bell, Albert Spencer, Eva Heilig, John McMillen, Hannah Phillips, Mary Ellen Gordon, and Pauline Byler.

Eva Mae Heilig

Eva Mae (Goodfellow) Heilig: first postmistress in Curtisville

Post Office-Byler Appointment

Appointment of Pauline W. Byler as Postmaster, October 1, 1932


Undine Phillips

Undine Phillips Certificate

Appointment of Undine Phillips at Postal Clerk, October 21, 1933


Appointment of Hannah D. Phillips as Postmaster, October 30, 1935

During the time the Alcona Dam was being built, many of our people used the post office there. The post master was Mary Freeman. The clerk was Laura Gordon Beddy, a resident of Glennie.

In 1947, there was a big blizzard and the roads were impassable for some time. Russell Anthony, our mail carrier, had a pilot from South Branch fly the mail in. Russell tied the mail in bundles and dropped it at each house.

The Post Office Boxes that were last used by the Curtisville Post Office are now in the possession of Robert & Arbutus Milholin and are on display in their family room.

[Portions of the above article was originally published in Curtisville 1866-1976.]

South Branch Post Office

South Branch Post Office c. 1956



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