Curtisville Memories

Snowshoe Tramp Lyrics

Curtisville Hill

Looking South from Curtisville Hill


  • Ernie and Hannah Phillips’ crow and their other menagerie of other animals.
Curtisville Slay Ride, 2005
  • Riding to school during winter with team and sleigh.
  • Sue Redmond’s sixteenth birthday party.
  • Christmas programs: the smell of cedar boughs: --The drills and plays directed by Christina Landon.
  • The time some Halloween pranksters put a wagon on the top of Spencer’s barn.
  • Skating parties at the Little Lake.
  • Marshmallow roasts on October evenings in Goodfellow Hollow.
  • Homemade ice cream socials: 10 cents a dish and all of the cake you could eat.
  • Bill Sells driving up in his steel wheeled wagon with wash tubs full of wild honey to sell.
  • Aunt Mamie Simons and Mrs. McDermott carrying their parasols going for afternoon visits.
  • Taffy pulls just for fun and for fund raising to support the baseball teams.
  • School picnics when all work stopped and everyone came for the picnics and baseball game.
Curtisville Snow Storm-1, 2005

1947 Snow Storm - In front of Manley Bell Farm

  • Snowy winter noon hours when teacher read to us from a good book.
1947 Snow Storm -

Traveling north of Brodie Road after 1947 Snow Storm


  • The day we were dismissed to walk through the woods to see Harry La Fleur, a tiny, premature baby.
  • Joe La Fleur and Herb Gordon singing bass in Sunday services.
  • Charivari on newlyweds; the last one on Ken and Bessie Redmond Bell.
  • The times we all piled into Bill Latter’s none too clean cattle truck and rode out to the river for cookouts and hymn sings.
Curtisville Wives

Mrs. Roy Redmond, Mrs. Bob Trudell, Miss Arbutus Bell, Mrs. Ted Redmond, Mrs. Jack McMillen, Miss Undine Phillips, Mrs. Charles Curtis

  • The days when the Watkins and Raleigh man came to sell their wares and often stayed on for supper at your house.
  • All the kids that peddled “Grit and Clovereen” salve for a few extra dollars; beginning with Jim Heilig at Gates Camp.
  • Uncle Johnny Redmond passing out to the kids, wintergreen and peppermint candy between Sunday school and church.
Curtisville Snow Storm-2, 2005

1947 Snow Storm

  • Guy Rickel and his big road grader.
  • Threshing and silo filling; neighbor helping neighbor.
  • Listening for the chug, chug, and whistle of the threshing machine; telling us that Charlie Guilford was coming our way.
  • House parties, square dancing or games; snap and catch-em, 1st couple out. As the little kids got tired, they were put to bed and covered up with the guests coats piled high on the hosts bed.
  • The time the revenuers came and raided a local still. The owners being too smart to be caught, hid bottles in leaf filled hollows nearby.
Clearing Old Orchard Park

Kenneth Bell holding Bell team of horses, Manley Bell, Roy Redmond, Bud Emmons, Alvin Redmond, Richard Curtis, Fred La Fleur.  Manley Bell in charge of crew to clear Old Orchard park. They lived in the bunk house.


  • Cooning corn from Dan McDermott for corn roasts and Dan pretending that he didn’t hear a thing; except once when he came out with a gun and gave some kids a few anxious moments, just for fun.
  • Lewis Redmond remembers horses being used to pull the Model T’s to get them started.
  • Attending the Chautauquas’ at Glennie and seeing Uncle Tom’s Cabin acted out on the stage.
  • All day berry picking expeditions when the entire family took part in gathering the wild berries for winter use.
  • Forest fires, a time when every able bodied man was called out to fight fire. Watching the pie stumps burn for days after the main fire was extinguished.


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