Curtisville Church - 1880-1980

Curtisville Baptist Church

by Arbutus (Bell) Milholin

The Bowser Barn was the first meeting-place
of the pioneer few.
Kerosene lanterns provided the light,
piles of hay their pews
Eben Curtis led the hymns by old meter measure
“Nothing But The Blood” and other songs we treasure
Oh! How we lover those hymns of old!
“Revive Us Again”, and “That City of Gold”.
No musical instruments to give the beat,
Just clapping of hand and the tamping of feet.

George Merrit preached ‘til the fire came down
and brought blessing to the little flock,
Shouts of, “Halleluhjah!” punctuated his words,
no one looked at the clock.
Hungry for fellowship, they rejoiced together,
“Amen!” sister, and “Amen! brother.

Build ME a church”, said the Master’s voice
to the congregation small
“Build it of logs with strong heavy beams;
with straight and sturdy walls”.
“Build me an alter where men confess
and find comfort in the Godhead Three”
Lean on the Promise of MY Word,
‘MY grace is sufficient for thee’. ”
“Sacrifice time and materials too
The task will be hard for MY faithful few”.
“Build ME a steeple reaching toward Heaven
hand a bell in the very top”.
“To call men to worship on the Sabbath Day
causing your tasks to stop”.
“Build it close to the side of the road
so people passing through
Will have no excuse for not finding MY House
kept by the faithful few”.

“Paint the clapboards white, as your sins have been
washed by the Blood of My Only Son.
MY people run swiftly and straight on the path
there are so many goals to be won”.
“Your congregation may always be small
but not the results of your labor.
Missionaries, teachers, and preacher You’ll send
to work and serve the Savior.”

And so they obeyed the voice of the Master
They put up the chimney and made the walls plaster.
For one hundred years this light has stood
a testimony of the past
Sow we of the present and those of the future
will know God’s promises last.
May we be faithful as the first little flock
and always obey God’s commands
Looking upward and onward to a home in Heaven
a House not built by hands.

The Merritt, the Bowsers, Bells, Curtis’s too
Spencers, Simons, Curleys, the faithful few.
They made this Church possible for me and for you.
Mrs. Mac, Mrs. Gordon, Joe La Fleur, the Redmonds, the Phillips
and a few of the Burrs, the Bylers, the Abbots, and so many more
Made sure that God’s House was always cared for.
The Latters, the Bamfields, Towers, and others”
Gave time and talents for sisters and brothers.

So many names in the Lamb’s Bood of Life
God gives rewards for toiling and strife.
Thank God for the Pastors who served through the years
Sharing the hopes, joys, troubles, and tears.
Bless their dear wives who ask for so little
So often they scraped the bottom of the kettle.
Only Eternity’s time will tell of the good that’s been wrought
By ten pioneer Christians as God’s will they sought.

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