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The first wedding in the church was the marriage of John Merritt and Sarah Pemberton.  The bride designed and constructed her white sateen wedding dress.  Her accessories were black cotton stockings and shoes.  John wor a new suit of work clothes.  The old times tell us that John made a noisy trip up the aisle in his hob-nailed lumbering boots.

The Curtisville Baptist church had a double wedding on June 17, 1914.  It was the marriage of John Heileg and Eileen Wilkinson and Edward Bell and Mary Wikinson.  The church was decorated with peonies; and each couple acted as the other’s attendants.

Perhaps the largest funeral held here was that of Ebenezer D. Curtis.  The funeral procession was made out of 60 teams and wagons.

Old timers remember one very heated business meeting.  During a discussion, Richard Cutis set fire to Tom Phillip’s long hair with a candle.  Mrs. H.C., Gordon threw her big apron over his head and quickly put out the fire.

In the ealry years, baptismal services were held in Wilber Creek, just north of the church.  Sand bags were piled up in the stream to form a pool deep enough for immersion.  In later years, Jose Lake was used for this purpose.

The biggest event held in the church was on August 24, 1937 when Curtisvile Baptist Church hosted the Alpena Baptist Association.  The church was packed for two days.  Meals were served at the Hall by neighbor ladies.  Many overnight guests were entertained in local Curtisville homes and by families from Lott Baptist Church.  Two hundred and fifty people registered for the two day event.

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