Bamfield Station

Hunters from Ohio arriving at Bamfield Station

Hunters from Ohio arriving at Bamfield Station (See Deer Hunting on the Au Sable)

Bamfields (also spelled Bamfield) was a station on the Au Sable and Northwestern Railroad near what was then known as the Bamfield Pond. A post office was established on December 27, 1922, with March C. Freeman as postmaster. The office closed on June 30, 1924, or about the time the Alcona Dam Pond was created. 

Bamfield Hill early 1900's

View down Bamfield Hill on the way to Curtisville

Wanagan coming under Bamfield Bridge late 1800's

Wanagan coming under the original Bamfield Bridge late 1800’s

An old toll bridge made of logs, called the Bliss Bridge, crossed the Au Sable River here. It was later replaced by the Bamfield Bridge, which was made from hewed timber. The area where the bridges were located are now under the waters of the Alcona Dam Pond.

Water Tower at Bamfield Crossing

Water Tower at Bamfield Station


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